Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Conference Announcement

Reading the Grundrisse
July 15th- 18th, 2008
Aula 3, Via Salvecchio 19, Università degli Studi di Bergamo, Bergamo Upper Town

Howard Engelskirchen (Iowa State University, USA): The Grundrisse's Grundbestimmung: Form Determination and the Concept of Capital in General

Andrew Brown (Leeds University Business School, UK): Materialism, Spinozism and Dialectics: E.V. Ilyenkov on why 'material production' is the 'object before us' at the outset of Marx's Grundrisse

Patrick Murray (Creighton University, Omaha, USA): The Development of Marx's Value-Form Theory in the Grundrisse: Reflections on Backhaus

Martha Campbell (SUNY Potsdam, USA): Marx's Transition from Simple Circulation to Capital: A Comparison of the Grundrisse, Urtext and Capital, Volume 1

Christopher J. Arthur (University of Sussex, UK): The practical truth of abstract labour

Massimiliano Tomba (University of Padua, Italy): Pre-Capitalistic Forms of Production and Primitive Accumulation. Marx's Historiography from the Grundrisse to Capital

Fred Moseley (Mount Holyoke College, USA): The Whole and the Parts. The Beginning of Marx's Theory of the Distribution of Surplus-Value in the Grundrisse

Tony Smith (Iowa State University, USA): The Role of the General Intellect in Marx's Grundrisse and Beyond

Geert Reuten (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) & Peter Thomas (Historical Materialism): From the 'fall of the rate of profit' in the Grundrisse to the cyclical development of the profit rate in Capital: a fundamental change in Marx's notion of the capitalist mode of production.

Roberto Fineschi (University of Siena, Italy): Can we consider the Grundrisse the dialectically most developed version of Marx's theory of Capital?

Riccardo Bellofiore (University of Bergamo, Italy): The Grundrisse after Capital, or how to re-read Marx backwards

The Conference is part of the Bergamo Unit activities for the Inter-University Research Program "Issues of German Classical Philosophy: Edition of Text and Critical Studies" 2006 PRIN (funded by The Italian Ministry of University). It is also part of the activities of the International Symposium on Marxian Theory (ISMT)

Organizer: Riccardo Bellofiore; Email address:

Secretary of the Conference: Simona Locatelli; Email address:

Free Attendance to the Conference

INFORMATION: If you would like to receive any further information on the International Conference Reading the Grundrisse you can send an email to the Secretary of the Conference or to the Organizer.